Monday, May 26, 2014

Barn Raising

Completing an unfinished object (UFO) is one of my themes this year. When I started making monthly goals to finish UFOs 18 months ago, I had no idea just how many UFOs I actually had stashed away. It might be a black hole in my sewing loft. Picture an eternal vacuum pulling my partially finished projects into hiding, and my efforts to retrieve them prompt a Star Trek quote, "I..just...can' it, captain....I don't...have..the ...strength..."  HOWEVER, I did manage to pull a project out of the depths, a charming set of blocks including 3 barns. I started the block of the month project in 2010 at Cindys Quilt Shop. After scoffing at Eleanor Burns' techniques, I decided to quit the contempt prior to investigation, and make one of her quilts. Cindy's Shop led the month by month techniques, with fabric incentives for finishing each block in a timely manner. I made 8 of the blocks. Two have been rejected for not playing well with their friends. After pulling out the blocks and putting them up on the design wall, I added a new barn block, two embroidered panels from old dishtowels, and a dresden plate. The lattices will be brown chicken tracks.

Needs more brown lattices.

My mom got a set of 7 dish towels as a wedding gift in 1955, with these busy farm girls. 

Each towel had different colored gingham dresses and different chores for the 3 girls. Above them, chickens perch on a windmill.

The cow on the roof  is from 'O Brother Where Art Thou.'
As for my list from earlier this month, I did finish the OKC quilts. One was pictured in the last blog, here is the other:
A darling little girl and her daddy.
I completed 6 of the list items, and definitely met my goal for ALYOF.

CARS quilt for 4 yr old John Wayne
Oh! One more story. I purchased a yard of Disney CARS fabric two months ago to make this commissioned quilt. I bought orange flannel for the back and went to town to pre shrink it in the dryer at the laundromat (since we don't have an electric dryer.) After procrastinating for nearly two months, I searched for the CARS fabric last week, and literally turned my sewing loft inside out. It was no where to be found. Fortunately, I had been given a small piece of CARS fabric at the last quilt retreat I attended. It was less than ¼ yard. I was able to make it work in this scrappy trip around the world, with corner stones in the upper corners. There is lots of nice quilting on it, and even little pickup trucks with tiny black labs in the bed of the trucks. End result of my misadventure? I made a great quilt with scraps! Now, back to barn raising.

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