Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Never give up

I live in a canyon in the mountains. Cell phone coverage is spotty except for the very fanciest of smarty pants phones. When I travel to visit my progeny in Boise I need a phone. There are no longer any phone booths. How hard can it be to get a "burner phone?" Well let me tell you, for me it was very hard. I just wasted 2 hours trying to follow the simple instructions to activate my new flip phone at home where we have no cell coverage. Try to talk to a real human. No way. Try to log in on line. Get locked out by mistyping an email address. Have a very cheerful helper (read: controlling) spouse who offers to tell the non human that they are #$%@^^** Sheesh I can do that. If I could actually talk to a human, which I couldn't. I bought a flip phone and a prepaid card at the local dollar store. I came home and eventually got dragged into the 21st century backwards with my new phone. sheesh. So let's go to a much more pleasant topic: Quilts. I am working on a comfort quilt, commissioned by parents of a friend. It was promised today but is not quite done. So here it is in progress: It is all flannel and is "rag" style. The back is pink and yellow. It will be throw size. Right now it is about 3 ft square. I created it by looking at a paper piece pattern and just winging it. I am having such fun. The hummingbird is dipping into a giant red holly hock. I will also put this quote on the label: "Near your breastbone there is an open flower. Drink the honey that is all around that flower." (Kabir) Another fun project also a commission, is a Riley Blake Kit, "Farm Sweet Farm." So far I have 2 blocks, working on the hand applique and embroidery. It is very relaxing. The finished quilt will be 75" x 87" The embroidered details will make each animal so adorable. Here is what the big quilt will look like: The style is sweet and fresh. Not one I'd choose, but I am learning and having lots of fun. The fabric is fabulous and as usual with kits, there is so much left over, I am in scrap heaven. Creativity happens when we are pushed out of our comfort zone.