Saturday, November 29, 2014

Artist's Totem

I have been writing morning pages as in "The Artist's Way" for a year. I began 11/19/13. One result has been that I complete a lot more of the projects I start. I also credit ALYOF, the blog I joined 2 years ago that has challenged me to set a monthly goal to finish a UFO, and then to finish it, and to blog about the process. Let me state before I get too deep, that it is progress, not perfection. 

Intro: Traditional Tlinget button blankets are red and black, embellished with mother of pearl buttons. This image, The Soul Catcher, was designed by Martin Oliver for the University of Washington school of public health, in 1981. It is trademarked and I have no intention of selling this art piece. It is imitation, the sincerest form of flattery, and is for my own home. The image is two bears, and symbolizes physical, emotional, and spiritual well being through education, research, and service.

I have completed the top of my wool applique button blanket. I started it and blogged about it here.
Hopeful Beginnings

I am excited to be on the brink of the next step, which I think is layering and basting the top in preparation for quilting. 
Embroidery around the mouth? 
         Here is the top with vintage shanked mother of pearl buttons on the left side. I LOVE IT!! 

I need to do some research on how best to quilt solid wool applique. I am thinking about some echo quilting in matching threads. 

Totem is derived from a Native word meaning, kinship group. It is used loosely as a guardian, or spirit guide. In "The Artist's Way," one of the creative tasks is to create an artist's totem. It can be any symbolic thing, such as a doll or carving, that you feel protective fondness toward. It is to be given a place of honor, and then honored by not "beating up on your artistic child." Being creative means letting go of old hang-ups and fear of success. What is your totem?

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