Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's the Part That Touches You

The back of a quilt, that is. Just as important as the front, in a different way. Does that make it a reason to buy more fabric, for that special quilt backing? For certain! Someone was surprised at my most recent finish; I hadn't pieced the back. I guess that a pieced back is one of my trademarks. Also the patched binding. This binding is various browns and blacks left over from other projects. It is perfect for this quilt, making the bright colors sparkle.

I was asked to make a quilt for the Women and Children Free Restaurant Spring Tea Party Fund Raiser. This wonderful organization in Spokane provides food for women and children who are in need. Since the venue is a tea party, I decided that nothing says comfort as much as a cuppa tea.

This cheerful quilt, "Big Mug," is 64"x80." It was made with Moda batiks from a free pattern on the QNM website, designed by Pam Rocco. I added the tea tags which have sayings from Yogi tea. I was hoping to tug at heart strings, for the quilt to have crowd appeal, and to be a great gift. Here are the 20 different sayings:

Of course I added my label, complete with thimble insignia. I quilted this on my domestic machine with wavy lines. Simple and effective.

Abby is considering a nice cuppa.