Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Who Needs to Practice?

I recently bought a Grace long arm quilt frame that works with my domestic machine, a Brother PS 1500. It is a very slightly used model and I got it for a good price. I think it is going to be a great adventure. I see LOTS of practice in my future. I had help from Mr. Thimblepie setting it up in my quilt studio. He corrected a few gaffs that the prior owner had made in building it, ie., he turned the leg segments around to make the feet face out correctly, and adjusted bolts on the take up bars. He even leveled it for me. Ok ok, now let me get to it!!
I loaded a quilt top, batting, and backing onto the frame while referring to several tutorials and the printed directions. Not as straight forward as it would seem. Undeterred, and with all the courage I could muster, I started sewing and turned up the speed. Having some practice at my sister's studio on her long arm (Stretch) I felt very capable until I took the first stitches. Ha ha, not so fast. Some of the best advice I got besides practice was to start on something plain rather than a lovely quilt top. Does that sound like yours truly? phhhh I decided to start with an ancient UFO that is nice but not a favorite, and is relatively small so I can finish it sooner rather than later. I chose thread that blends. I chose a pattern that is my go to free motion style, the wave. After all, why can't quilting a quilt be the same as practicing? I foresee some unsewing and finishing quilting it off the long arm, on my domestic machine. I have a life long history of persevering when it comes to skills I want to have. I am happy.