Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Leaning in for the First Kiss

   I wrote my annual New Year's Resolutions which included "to NOT start any new projects." Those of you who are creative types will get that one, the fun, the joy of leaning in for the first kiss of a new project. Finishing just isn't the climax we dream of. It is usually more like a sigh of exhaustion. There, the baby fell asleep after crying all frickin' afternoon and evening.
   So, completing my UFOs has been more of shushing the fussy babe, mixed in with "WTF was I thinking when I started this? " As I worked through the projects, I noticed an inner shift. Looking procrastination right in the eyes and winning a staring contest. Small quilt projects only take a day or two to sew, quilt and bind. Even when they need remedial design help they don't take too long.
   Here are some lovelies that had been collecting trolls (as they say in Norway, translation: collecting dust.)

Little Butterflies
quilting detail, batik cording inner border
Scrappy Trip Around the World
I like the curry colored inner border. It brings out the other colors.
Backing of the trip; Japan prints, Kitty-San and Butterflies of Kobe by Alexander Henry, and Kaffe chrysanthemums
Lots of straight line quilting was perfect for this modern baby quilt.
The backing flannel is just right, as is the striped bias binding from my sister Pam, and my little tag with a thimble.
"Nacho Pussy" quilt. 
   It is hard to stay out of the spitting contest on social media when it comes to politics. Such extremes are a phenomenon. The day after the Inauguration, there was a huge protest march that took place on all 7 continents. Estimates gauge the attendance at over 5 Million. The common attire was "pink pussy" hats, to protest the president's comment about his ability to grab pussies. Since I had my own personal tiff with Mr. Thimblepie about the march here at home, I decided in time honored quilter's style, to put my political opinion on a quilt.  The result is "Nacho Pussy." What flavor is my pussy? Nacho. It's Nacho Pussy.
5 yr old UFO remade into Cobblestones, with elephant flannel back. Kaffe stripes.
I took myself on an artist's date to McCall to see the snow sculptures and to buy some new fabric. It was a lovely sunny winter day.The sculptures were pristine, and huge snow berms were everywhere. I stopped at Huckleberry Patches to pick up a flannel charm pack I'd won in a drawing and to buy 5 different yards of solids for new, modern projects and to sparkle up my UFOs.
   It looks like my resolution is to lean in for more kisses rather than shush the baby.