Monday, November 20, 2017

Freya the Amazing

I have a new granddaughter, Freya Jane Elisheva Donald. She was born two weeks ago, mellow amidst the drama of an emergency cesarean, wide eyed and instantly connected to her parents by their voices and their fierce love for her. She was named after a Norwegian goddess who drove a chariot pulled by two cats. What an image!

Her first few days were spent in the NICU, which was stressful for everyone, but especially her mama. Freya had aspirated meconium and that collapsed both of her lungs. So she had a chest tube and was put on a ventilator to assist with breathing. She was able to breathe on her own in less than a day. Progress was quick and she was allowed to nurse after the second day. Happy mama and baby.

Freya didn't appreciate the hospital schedule, or the expert advice of specialists who questioned mama's intuition and worked valiantly to impose structure onto a baby who only wanted to be held and nursed. As soon as she was taken home and the pair were free to do as they wanted, she settled into her blissful life of nursing and gazing at the nipple mandala emanating from her mama's love.

The parents of this adorable little rosebud wanted to give some kind of thank you to the NICU that helped their baby overcome her tough start. My daughter, being sleep deprived and dealing with her own challenge of a hospital acquired wound infection, treated first with the wrong antibiotic, then suffering an abscess and it's sequelae, wasn't up to her usual creative outpouring, so I offered to provide a little quilt to thank the NICU staff. 

I chose this quilt for several reasons. First, the mama with her kittens for a special NICU that cares for so many littles. Second, to give a nod to Freya's story of the chariot and the cats. Third, for some cheerful decor to brighten a place with lots of scary feels. I noticed a number of toddler siblings who could use images that might make them smile. And Fourth, it was completed and ready to deliver. A great reason to keep some extra small quilts on hand. 

Lots of fun fabrics in this quilt.