Friday, October 31, 2014

October Bites the Dust

And here it is, All Hallow's Eve... and a Friday night, too... It has been a productive month here in my sewing loft. I completed my goals for the Lovely Year of Finishes, and for the Quilt Auction, too. A few highlights of the auction:

Jeanne Dyer's gourd masterpiece

Tresa Shearer, Auctioneer, and the auction set up

Marcie and I show a Quilt of Valor

I explain Operation Kid Comfort and show an example

Amy and Ruth compare stitches 
 I wish my donations brought in more cash, but the crowd favorites are quilts with wildlife panels. Duly noted. Wall hangings of panels and wool applique crafts are other favorites. Just getting through it, as one of the worker bees was a satisfying accomplishment.

Now I can focus on holiday sewing, and the myriad December birthdays that I will commemorate.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Magic is Brewing

I am glad for goals, they keep me on track. I have a list, and labeled it with priority codes (A,B,C) so I can check on my progress. Some of you know that I will even add a completed task to my list, just so that I can cross it off and feel accomplished.  I have two very important October birthdays, one that I can report on without too much fear of spoiling it, my oldest granddaughter Grace turns 11 on Sunday the 12th. She recently became interested in American Girl Dolls, and said she'd like new doll clothes. She has sewn some herself, which is how yours truly began sewing back in the day. Here is what I made for Grace, a set of night shirts for her and her doll.

Giant rickrack border.

Sweet tag says "Grandma loves you."
The Pinehurst Quilters have a yearly auction to raise money for fun and for the community, and my October goal for ALYOF is to quilt these tops for the auction. A fall snuggle quilt, which also needs a border, and a  bed runner and dresser topper set, The snuggle quilt is 40" x 60."

Fun close up.

The bed runner is 48" x 74" and whispers classic dreams. I started this with the intention of making a big quilt, but it didn't fit the project, and has been waiting for a purpose until now.

There is a little border interest in the upper right.

Blue and ecru love.
The dresser topper is 24" x 50". Nice use of some left over blocks.

Our fall here in the Rocky Mountains of West Central Idaho is still warm, and the garden continues to produce. I ran out of pint and half pint canning jars, so it is time to can tomatoes, and rhubarb compote in quart jars. I made chokecherry jelly last weekend, and as soon as I acquire more small jars I will make elderberry capers. The fruit this fall has been abundant, and so I stay busy drying, freezing, and canning lots of deliciousness. On Wednesdays I get to go to McCall and take herbalist classes from Darcy Williamson. This is mushroom harvesting season, and we find all kinds of different mushrooms, many of which are truly magical. Here is my friend Brandy, carrying a large artist's conk.

What does fall look like in your neck of the woods?