Wednesday, December 26, 2018

BFD = Best Friend Dog

Phew! The Christmas, Hanukkah, and December Birthday rush is behind me. I am sew relieved. Of course I know it is coming each year, and yet I don't feel motivated to make stuff until the last month or so. Sew. I want to share two sweet projects that were completed after the rush. First, a little wall hanging quilt for Mr. Thimblepie. It is a puppy picture of our now very old labradog, Abby. Here she was at 4 months old, wet and sandy faced on the boat. (Now she is 12 ½ yrs old and quite white, lumpy and lovely.)

Abby loves riding on the jetboat.
I chose fabrics that would draw attention to her pretty brown eyes. I quilted it with metallic Sulky in waves that simulate the Salmon River. I mostly piece bindings, this project is no exception.

The other dog project was an item from my etsy shop donated to a silent auction fund raiser for a dog rescue group, handsome dan's rescue. The woman who purchased the item sent my a lovely photo of her now deceased dog, Rylie. She gave me artistic license to create a wall hanging and here it is:

The wonderful fabric for these two quilts is Moda fabric, mostly "Woof, Woof, Meow," designed by Stacy Iest Hsu.  The dog rescue group said they raised over $20,000 from donated items. I am glad I could help. I can't imagine life without a dog.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Keep it Simple

   I have connected with my youngest cousin, Hope, who had a new baby and received a baby quilt from me that I blogged about in May. When she talked about going to her mom's house for Thanksgiving last month along with 28 other close relatives, I learned that her mom has dishes like our Grandma, the lovely Franciscan Ware Dessert Rose pattern. I thought a table runner to highlight the dishes would be so sweet. The next best thing to being there is to make a quilted table runner.

    I saw a table runner pattern on social media and went down the rabbit hole. The pattern uses the mini QCR (quick curve ruler.)  The mini runner calls for 2 fat quarters and one half yard background and  is supposed to be 14" x 35". Simple. Easy. I didn't even need to go to the fabric store.

   But!! For a Thanksgiving dinner, wouldn't my aunt need a long table runner? Wouldn't a short one look dumb? So I figured 14" x 46" would be better. I love that the mini QCR uses charm squares, the 5 inch precuts. although I cut my own, it sounds so sweet and simple. So, first I matched fabric colors with the computer screen. Reminded myself that I don't do matchy-matchy and slight differences look better. Inner Critic making noises. I had some Jinny Beyer green that appealed to my wild taste and some peachy apple blossom.

   Then, choosing the backing. I thought a waffle cloth piece would add sturdiness. It had to be pieced to fit, but I had just enough. I was hurrying to finish in time and did a simple arced FMQ pattern. I feared that the green fabric was bleeding, but turned out to be not the case. A quick wash with synthropol, and toss in the dryer actually perked it up. My inner critic kept chewing at my heel, and I'd think, well, it will work to hold the turkey. 

14" x 46"

It looks like the Oregon State University O.  Whatever. Here is the lovely finish on the big day:

 BTW, My aunt Jackie was thrilled, and called me to say so.  Me: 1, Inner Critic:0.   .