Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Advent Calendars are so Yummy!

The middle of the month held a wonderful Veteran's Day Ceremony. I am very anti-military, but part of my paying forward  and healing the wounded soldier's heart is making and giving some Quilts of Valor. My latest creation went to the husband of a friend. He is a Vietnam Vet., affected by Agent Orange, and living a quiet life here in Riggins.

David and Leowa Jenkes

 I am making advent calendars for each of my 3 daughters. I started with 3 Moda Christmas panels from my aunt Sonja Mann, the Moda fabric rep. I made enlarged bound button holes for each of the numbered squares. Then I backed each number with a fabric square for a pocket. Lastly, I layered and machine quilted the panel. Each pocket is big enough for a few pieces of candy.. Countdown till Christmas!
back view of bound holes

front view, with machine blanket stitching

top folded so you can see the fabric back of each pocket and on #20 the fabric peeking thru

Finished panel with machine quilting and metalic thread stitching on the tree. See the pockets?
 I was commissioned to make a small quilt for a pal, Candy Hatch, for her grandson. Thomas the Tank Engine is the feature fabric. Moda's "Comma" is the black and white fabric. It is my favorite setting, 9 patch and snowball.
I like the effect of the polka dot fabric, looks like dominoes.

Quilting seen on the back, which is wonderful cobalt blue Robert Kaufman flannel.
 And, lastly, my new (temporary) work table in the sewing loft. It is 4' x 8', snugged up against my machine and works great! Later it will be modified with permanent legs, and a well cut for my sewing machine.  Mr. Thimblepie made it for me. No more design floor kneeling. For that I am thankful.
The first project after Thanksgiving is to build the stairs and take that ladder outside!! Then, the tongue and groove knotty pine ceiling will go in, and sheetrock on the walls. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

November in all it's Glory

Autumn is lovely here in central Idaho, in the Rocky Mountains. We lucky few who live here feel close to nature and close to our Great Spirit. We see wildlife that most people have to view on National Geographic, and our playground is so remote, even explorers such as Lewis and Clark avoided it. 
The Polly Bemis Ranch on the main Salmon River
 Veteran's Day is celebrated here with an award ceremony. Each vet is given a Quilt of Valor along with a hug and a thank you for service to our country. Here is my latest QOV, made in medallion style ala Gwen Marston. It is ready to pin baste. The center panel is the 50 state flags and their date of entry. My November goal, which I'll achieve by November 11, is to have it quilted and bound.
Quilt of Valor, ready to pin baste