Friday, July 27, 2012

Camping in the House

   We moved into the house July 10th. It was simple to unload the tiniest RV in the world. One tote of food, one tote of dishes and pans. One arm load of clothes to hang up for each of us.
   Moving my fabric from the trailer to the loft was tricky, because each (big, heavy) tote had to be carried up the tall orange ladder (in the last photo.) I have also carried my sewing machine, chair, and table up the ladder. Now I am spending lots of time up there, and it is my sanctuary. I am using the floor for my design wall, and really need an upright wall. I am going to buy a folding screen and cover it with flannel.
   We now have the two sinks installed. The bathroom sink is huge and doubles as a utility sink. It is a lovely enamel sink with a high arched faucet. The kitchen sink is composite granite, acorn brown, and also huge and complete with an arched faucet. We have running water to do dishes in the kitchen! Going from heating water and washing dishes in a tub in the yard, to then using the bathtub since it was plumbed first, then using the bathroom sink, wow I appreciate the convenience so much. I guess I could use the redneck dishwasher, place everything in the toilet, add soap, and flush.
   One adjustment is the heat. When it is 105 outside, it is the same in here.Wind comes up every afternoon. At night it cools down. Mike plans to get a swamp cooler next summer. Seriously. He bought a box fan but doesn't like the noise it makes, so I get to have it upstairs in my loft.
   I am excited to go visit Boise in mid August. I am spending a week or so just getting my daughter and friends fix, going to meetings, thrift store shopping, fabric shopping, biking, library visiting.... eating out, it will be a nice change. Can't wait to see my pal Joan. It has been WAY too long. Our time together will be brief, but wonderful. She is the reason for the visit, and it is so nice to have the flexibility to go.