Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Beauty is on Duty

When I missed my March goal I lost my bogging momentum. Then I missed posting an April goal and had a bout of blogger's malaise. For Current Girlfriend fans, do not worry, I have not lost my mojo. I have been sewing a lot. In fact, I just returned from completing my first Quilt Retreat Ultra Marathon. Yesssss!!

I left Riggins on April 1, on the bus, with high hopes and lots of positive intentions. I had a 12 hour lay over in Spokane, stuck in the bus terminal, until 2 am when I got to catch the bus to Seattle. I was so happy to arrive in downtown Seattle and greet my sister with a quote from the audio book I was listening to, "who do I have to blow to get a cup of coffee around here?"

Design inspiration, Whitebird, ID.
Pam and I went to Port Gamble for a 2 day color design class taught by Gwen Marston. It was inspiring and lots of fun. We stayed at the Foxbridge Bed and Breakfast.

On the Kingston Ferry.

My Small Study. 8 ½" x 10".

The Beauty is on Duty.

After a restful time in Seattle, taking walks with the dogs, having lunch with pals, cooking delicious dinners, gardening,  endless laughing and silliness with Pam,and lots of sewing, we went to the second quilt retreat, at Camp Huston in Gold Bar, WA. Five days and 4 nights of sewing and reconnecting with old friends. I made a quilt top, a birthday outfit for Ainsley, and 3 OKC quilts.

Vintage silk log cabin blocks. I sewed them in a pattern called 'furrows.
We drove to Riggins after we recovered from the retreat. More gardening, cooking, sewing, laughing, and Pam was the feature speaker at the quilt club. She showed lots of her wonderful scrappy quilts.

Then on to the third retreat! Four days and 3 nights in Cascade, ID at Trinity Pines. Pam taught her scrappy trip around the world technique. You might be wondering if we were getting tired of sewing, or each other. NO WAY. The fun never ends. I feel sew lucky to be able to have this much fun.