Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Sewing

I have been sewing, of course. Sewing is my happy place. I made a bird block for Stash Bee from this tutorial. It was so fun, that I have been working on a whole flock, for myself, for friends, for fun.

The beaks and legs give them personality, so I am trying variations. I know a lot of bird lovers, myself included, so consider this your spoiler alert.

I made a blouse for my good pal and fabric enabler, Sonja. It is from a pattern by Stitchology, made with some lovely light organic cotton by Could 9. The pattern was wonderful to use, and I recommend the brand. I put snaps on the blouse, although they were not very secure. They are adorable. All of the seams (except the arm hole) are french seamed, the armhole was pinked.

Here is a sweet wool applique that I started last year and just finished. I added the hummingbird and used some fancy stitches I learned from Sue Spargo. The pattern is for a (Norwegian)  bell pull. Our cat, Chai, rings a bell hung by the door, when she wants to go outside. This is going to take it way way uptown!

And, another UFO, a doll dress for American Girl Dolls, started by my sister and finished by yours truly this month. It was designed for Addy, a civil war era doll, and is a school dress.

Some fun little projects for hot summer sewing in my air conditioned sewing loft.