Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May is bursting out all over

When I got home from the Quilt Retreat Ultra Marathon of April, my garden was singing its siren song of spring. Time to pick weeds, till the soil, and plant seeds. My favorite and truest act of faith. The garden is 2500 sq ft, and deer fenced. Happiest news was greeting Mr. Toad, who is residing for his third year in the raspberry patch. This time of year, worms are on his menu.

I like to spend a few hours tending the garden each day, and then escape to my sewing loft to write, play, and create epic stuff. I have a big list of projects, and many more that are still twinkles in my eye.

  1. Caroline's red, white and gold quilt.
  2. Amish trip around the world wall hanging.
  3. Horny toad pickle dish quilt. 
  4. Two Operation Kid Comfort quilts.
  5. American girl doll dress, either for Addy or to sell on etsy.
  6. Kimono silk lining, mordanted and ready to dye.
  7. Silk log cabin quilt top to border and hand quilt.
  8. Anita's batik quilt to amend for the quilt group.
  9. Mother's day gifts.
  10. Thank you gifts for officers of the quilt group. 
  11. CARS quilt for John Wayne, a commission.
  12. Tincture bags to sell at the Trading Post.
  13. Aprons to sell at TP. 

Kitty treasure case with 3"zipper mouth, and tiny friend. Made from a panel for Addy at retreat.

Amish Trip Around the World, shot cottons. 36" x 36".

Caroline's skirt, Vogue pattern and Martha Negley fabric.

OKC quilt for a little dude.  38" x 40".
So, despite some obvious priorities hollering at me, I am going to make my first May goal to quilt and bind the OKC quilt. Then to finish Caroline's skirt and send off a care package to her. I love making lists and then, in my usual fashion, ignoring the rules and juggling all of the items. Happy May and happy sewing.

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