Thursday, November 22, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

   So, the usual overload in shopping carts has already begun in town. Buying lots of food for a meal, buying lots of stuff for holiday gifting. I am grateful to be at home, truck not running (Mike got the parts in the mail and is working on it), and no shopping spree in site unless I get on line with my credit card. I got into the Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale on Etsy. Some of my kits and supplies are 25% off for the long weekend. I set myself up to go photograph a bunch of my fabric and get it on the shop site, to add to the offerings. Hopefully I will clean out my Qi.  Now I have to sit back and relax for a minute. I was getting crazy.
   While the world is getting ready for a feeding frenzy, I am preparing to sneak up to my sewing loft and play with my fabric. My biggest creative dilemma at the moment: what to make for my 6 yr old grandson for Christmas? He has so may toys. I want to give him the gift of imagination. I am thinking about a little treasure box with an arrowhead, an elk's tooth, flicker tail feathers, and other treasures from the Salmon river.


  1. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, Jane! You look so warm and cozy up in your loft! Pretty quilt, too! I love the idea for your grandson - what little boy wouldn't want something like that!

  2. I think that is a wonderful gift idea for your grandson. Enjoy some cozy sewing time.