Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Creative Juice

   Scraps from Ainsley in a modern, simple setting. Backing more feminine since it is made for a little girl. Kid Comfort is a program sponsored by the YMCA and the armed forces to give quilts to kids whose parents are on active duty. They provide the photos printed on fabric, and the postage. I provide the fabric, batting, and back. And the time and creative juice.

    I have been looking at a blog by Sue Spargo  and feeling inspired to push my own blog limits. And, to push and define my own style. It seems confusing today, is my style recognizable? Some of the big names in quilting can be spotted across a crowded auditorium. My summer work has been in such a different colorway, block size, and type of quilting. It happened by saying yes, and then being pushed beyond my comfort zone. That is what my creative juices need!

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