Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

   This lovely table runner was hand pieced by my daughter Ainsley's mother-in-law, Nancy Miller. Actually by her sewing friends. Many years ago. The fabrics are very cute 70's calicoes. The blocks languished at Nancy's for many years in a sewing room full of fabric and yarn. Then, she gave them to Ainsley to finish when Ainsley started quilting. I took them last spring year and added little border strips of muslin to highlight each block. Then I pieced them together with sashing from TJ, Nancy's son and Ainsley's sweetheart. I hand quilted and bound the table runner. It made the perfect Thanksgiving table setting for Nancy and Bill's table.


  1. You made these wonderful blocks shine, Jane! Beautiful table!

  2. How pretty! It looks perfect on that table... is that at TJ's mom's house? Love the dishes, they somehow look familiar. I'm jealous of all your sewing time, you are really being productive and creative. xoxo