Saturday, October 5, 2013

Roasted Peppers

We have not had our first frost here. It is imminent, and the garden has been on my mind. It is no longer warm enough for veggies to ripen, so I decided to pick the rest of the peppers and eggplants today. I filled a 5 gallon bucket with choricero, banana, and jalapeno peppers. A smaller tote held all of the remaining eggplants.

A  lovely group of nightshade fruit.

I roasted all of the peppers, except the jalapenos, by broiling them for 5 minutes per side on baking sheets. Then I wrapped them in waxed paper and sealed them in zip lock bags for winter cooking. A fast and easy processing method. And, the house smells delish!  Tomorrow I'll roast the eggplants for baba ganoush. The jalapenos will be strung to dry.
Hand appliqued and embroidered (not by me!)
For my October goal for the finishes group, I will turn these 8 inch blocks into a quilt top. I am using yellow tone on tone for the sashing. After I get the top and back pieced, I am sending it off to my sister Pam to be quilted. Mom won the blocks in a quilt group drawing. It is a sweet, old fashioned collection. Can't wait to see the finish!


  1. That is quite a few peppers. You should share some of the recipes that you make this winter. Can't wait to see your finished quilt. Hope you are having a great weekend?

  2. Thanks for the pepper storage method! It came just in time, as we cleared out our garden this weekend also. Two ziplock baggies in the freezer with roasted peppers in them. Just don't think the jalapenos will dry on a string here in Oregon...