Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Best Gift Ever

Sew... my Uncle Pat's companion, Sonja Mann, is a fabric rep for Moda, and she sent me a giant box of wonderfulness.

13 inch squares!!
 I spread it all out and just glowed with the possibilities!! I am full of exclamation points just now. I thought I'd share it with my sister, Pam, but now I don't want to. Luckily, Sonja and Pat said I don't have to, because they are sending Pam her own box of wonderfulness.

I have been working mostly from fabric gifted by a shopaholic hoarder friend, who favored Thimbleberries. Her gift was bought about 8-10 years ago. Lots of nice stuff, though not my first choice. I do have my own purchases, albeit on a shoestring budget and often from thrift shop finds... sew this gift rocketed me into the 4th dimension!!!

I have spent a little time browsing scrap quilt ideas on Pinterest. I allow myself 30 minutes a day to surf the mighty web. Then I need to get back to reality and create epic cuss. (My 4 letter word for s***.) When I combine these yummy fabric samples with solid contrasts, I will have a plethora of quilt loveliness. I got up excited at 4:30 this morning to finish taking the staples and cardboard off of the samples, and folding them into neat order. I already cut one set up, for a block of the month project for the quilt club. After that, on to holiday and December birthday sewing. I am SEW EXCITED that I am standing beside myself. 

When I looked up from the fabric all over the design floor, this is the view I saw out the window:
Sunset on the mountains with clothes line, viewed out the window from my loft.


  1. Sew much fun! I am going to try and find Sonja when I am at Qui,t Market!

  2. Beautiful view! Oh, and the mountains and your clothesline are nice too. ;)

  3. Ha, "full of exclamation points" - I love it. What a treasure to be given that box, MODA is great fabric so you know it's all good stuff. I just finished getting the info for Scrapitude, a mystery scrap quilt that Sandy at Quilting for the rest of us is sharing. Since I have quite a mix of fabric I inherited from my mother I'm thinking a scrap quilt is in order. Let us know what you decide to do.

  4. Oh, my gosh, what a wonderful view! I'd live on a shoestring if it included that. =) I have a friend who donated a lot of fabric samples from a variety of manufacturers for my American Heroes projects. I have so much fun with it! There's nothing like good friends. =)