Sunday, July 7, 2013

Living the Dream

We have all heard the wish to live our dream. How can a person escape the rat maze and follow their heart? Extricating oneself from the tangled web of the life we build is a tough act. I am here to say it can be done, and I am proof. I have had lots of challenges as well as many leaping into the dark abyss moments. I don't write about those here, but you never know, I might change the tenor of this blog. Meanwhile, here I am, living the dream, one teensy part of which is being commissioned to design and make art quilts. So, I advertise in my etsy shop. Last month I was approached by a client who sent me a deposit for supplies, and a big list of items she wanted to include. One of her first questions was, how do I go about the process? I meditate and draw sketches.
First Draft Sketch
Then I get a big sheet of muslin and start laying down cut up fabric. I search the internet, mainly etsy, for the fabric images and trinkets I don't have. I found great stuff! I have to push myself to get 'er done, because I have a producing 2500 sq. ft. garden to tend, and a house to keep... distractions. Here is the work in progress:

36" x 48" Tree of Life
 I intend to have it done this month.
A Lovely Year of Finishes

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  1. Congratulations Jane, can't wait to see the final results. Have a great Sunday :)