Thursday, July 25, 2013

Healing Prayer Banner

A Lovely Year of FinishesI finished my commissioned quilt yesterday and mailed it off. The feeling was...trepidation. Will they like it, feel good about the money spent, feel inspired to use it as a meditation tool? I thought I'd feel relief and pride. Here is the list of items they requested:   "Healing Prayer Flag Banner 48" x 36" Including but not limited to the following items: tree of life, white Great Pyrenees dog, tabby Maine coon cat, name : Baylee embroidered, red fox, polar bear, hummingbird with blue circle symbol of diabetes male deer with big rack or horned god, dragonfly, yellow butterfly, rune alphabet embroidered, ogham alphabet embroidered, Celtic knots, triple goddess symbol, pentagram or pentacle, wheel of year sabbat, phases of moon, Thor's hammer, 5 elements, chakras, tiny voodoo doll, angels, fairies, hand and machine quilted in labyrinth pattern, contentment, tarot card 3 of cups." I described the creating process in an earlier post. Here are some photos of the finish. 
Kanobi, Great White Pyrenees, and suede medicine bag with crystal, flicker, and chuckar feather.

Felted chakras, blue is also for diabetes symbol with hummingbirds

Fairy with pewter goddess button, violet and indigo chakras. Lapis stone and silver feather on indigo.

Paper pieced sun with satin rays, bone carved Buddha eyes and third eye symbol of contentment. From Indonesia.

Angels and tiny star fish. Northern lights sky.

Water quilting, rocks, dragonfly, and 3 of cups tarot.

Fire from dahlia flower fabric, red tulle, and pewter Thor's hammer.

Day of the Dead, including marigolds, and ogham alphabet.

Polar Bear with heart embroidery, water fabric and beading.

Label n the back.

Red fox on the trail of a bird, labyrinth with Baylee's name and heart of beads in the center, red, orange, and yellow chakras.

The finished Healing Prayer Banner. Grey binding from African tone on tone.

Water details, circles.

I am taking a break from commissions for at least a little while, time to recharge my creative batteries. But, I got 'er done. Have you done a commission, and how did it turn out for you? 

Well, the update is they are very disappointed and upset, and do not like it in any way. I have asked them to return it and I will make another or refund their money. I think I will just refund the money and learn to avoid this kind of long distance commission. And, I am sick of living in 105 ° heat without air conditioning.


  1. It is absolutely beautiful. I am sure it will be well loved. Thank you so much for linking up.

  2. Just gorgeous, and amazing to me that you managed to take so many disparate pieces and weave them into one finished artwork! Lovely job.

  3. Seriously amazing. What a great project.

    You're way better at commissions than I am.

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Oh my goodness, that is a scary long list of things to include! You did a great job! :)

  5. I think you did an amazing and creative job with that crazy list of unrelated items.... It really was a lot of things to include in a small wall hanging. Too bad for them that they don't like it. I think you should keep it, as a sample of the fabulous and creative work you do. Send them back their money and tell them to fuck off. Go into town and sit in the hotel lobby to cool off, have a nice tall glass of ice tea. You will feel better soon. xoxo

  6. I'm sorry they didn't like it :( It's definitely difficult to do a commissioned piece. I always try to have specific details and send pictures throughout the process.

    It's definitely hard to hear negative things about an item you poured your heart and soul into.

  7. They didn't like it? IT'S SO COOL!! My eyes were bugging out as I was reading that long list of disparate elements, and you did a fantastic job of including them in a sweet design. I would be happy to own such a prayer piece!