Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quilting Gateway Drug Warning

I visited my friend and neighbor Celia yesterday. The minute I walked in the door I spotted fabric on her dining table! Hey! Baby quilt project! Celia owns a little Brother sewing machine. She has a grandbaby due next month, and wants to make a pink baby quilt. She came back to my house to borrow a quilt book (Mary Hickey's Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts.) As she looked around my sewing loft, it became apparent that she is a beginning sewist, and has made only one simple tied quilt. I took her to the dark side, showing her how a rotary cutter works, and then, since I had a captive audience, I showed her my recent projects. She was overwhelmed, and doubtful of her abilities. I told her we can eat this elephant one bite at a time. First, go home and prewash/preshrink the fabric. I will help with the cut out. Together we can do this! So, as I was telling my sister about my latest (Hopeful) convert, and we talked about other quilters starting with baby quilts... I said sex (and a baby) is the gateway drug to quilting. Consider yourself warned. Hey! I just got the idea for my third cautionary tales quilt!

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