Thursday, January 31, 2013

Comforting Little Kids

Hurricane Sandy turned much of the east coast upside down over the holidays. Out here, without TV or newspapers, unless we see it on the internet, we miss it. The impact is lessened without TV's barrage. One organization I am involved with, Operation Kid Comfort, was shut down for several months. They team with the YMCA to provide small photo quilts for kids who have a parent in active duty military service. I agreed to sew up quilts for a family with 4 little kids. This has been a great oportunity to use up some quilt blocks that have been in serious time out, some for years. Here are the tops with photos attached. After I finish blogging I will start the quilting.

This one is for David, age 5.
This one is for John, age 3.
Here is the quilt for Rebecca, age 4.
And, this one is for Sara, age 6.

The backs are flannel, pieced from scraps. I keep lots of batting on hand since I can't get to town very often, so I was able to cut 4 pieces from a new roll. Oddly, after using the blocks, the borders, batting, and backing flannel, my fabric totes are still full. it is like scooping a bucket full out of the ocean. No diffeence apparent in the total. Hmmmm.

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  1. These wonderful quilts will allow these children to keep their parent close. It's such a wonderful "charity." I know they'll love snuggling in them.