Friday, April 27, 2018

Wanting to be Above it All

I have been dividing my time between gardening to get ready for planting, taking care of the house,  sewing epic quilts, and cooking. I have recently been working to learn new cooking and eating with much lower sodium. The goal being to stay under 1500 mg a day. I know about processed foods, but for example I had no idea flour tortillas were so full of sodium! I have been instructed to lose some weight for my blood pressure. This is no small feat. I am well versed on the science of weight loss, and know about exercise and metabolism. It is not easy at my advanced age of 61 yrs and 11 months. My body fat is about 27%. I saw a meme that said "I want to lose weight and I want to eat." yep. And age gracefully. And be natural. And also above it all and self actualized.

Hope's Star baby quilt is coming along nicely. I still want to add a row of dimensional prairie points and another camel colored border. I like the cheery, scrappy, colorfulness of this quilt.

The light brown sashing fabric is a sampler of sayings and childhood primer writings. Sweet.

Here is part of the Big Beautiful Butterfly quilt. I have since finished the giant middle butterfly that is 38" x 29", and a yellow side middle butterfly. One more side middle guy and two bottom bigger butterflies and then I can piece the top together.  It is so fun seeing the quilts come together.


  1. Love your sashings with sayings - a nice touch. Those butterflies are like they were lifted right out of the pages of one of those meditative coloring books. They are elegant, intricate and beautiful.

  2. Love all the different butterflies!!! The scrappy starry quilt is bright and beautiful, especially with the sashing fabric. Yes, it is sweet.

  3. Good luck with the healthy eating and weight loss. Most of weight loss is eating well (exercise is good for other reasons), so cooking is the perfect place to start.
    I like how the light brown sashing is a bit mustardy yellow. A true brown would be duller.