Tuesday, November 22, 2016

UFOs Finished

I was contacted by a woman who had half a dozen hand pieced quilt tops that her grandmother and great grandmother had made. The fabric was from the 40's through the 60's, and in good condition. There were also 4 embroidered pillow cases and a set of embroidered blocks waiting to be finished.

A lot of bias stretching in the handwork, quilted out.

The scrappy variety was lots of fun.

Two table runners. One with pale grey Moda, the other with pale green Moda.

The 40's flour sacks were sweet.

I added a little black checkered border and a yellow binding. 
I am happy to think of these quilts being shared and loved. Grandma and Great Grandma are happy that someone else finished them.


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    1. Hi there, Carla, Thanks. Crazy that it was cut and sewn by hand, no rotary tools, or quick techniques.