Monday, December 7, 2015

Meet My New Brother

After my last blog post and a facebook rant about a recalcitrant sewing machine, I got a new one. The old one is at the shop for the third time, for a new thread uptake lever. Meanwhile, meet my new Brother, a Brother Nouvelle 1500s. It is a speedy, hardworking quilting machine that sews up to 1500 stitches per minute. The link just previous has all of the particulars, needless to say it is bona fide.

Bee and dragonfly stickers and a new pair of quilting gloves.
This machine has rocketed me into the fourth dimension of quilting. I have done free motion quilting before, but the speed and ease are charming. (Charm: that ability to make others feel good about themselves.)  It came with a carry case and the cat accessory.

Earl in his natural habitat.
I recently bound and attached a sleeve to this little cutie for one of my fabric enablers, Sonja the Moda rep. It was quilted by my sister, Pam, who did a wondrous job. It is from a kit by Laundry Basket Quilts. The finished size is 14"x18."

At first it reminded me of an entomologist case. 
Each butterfly is unique.

My goal for  this month for  ALYOF is to finish quilting Addy;s  A quilt. It is nearly finished, thanks to my new brother, but I have to unstitch a pucker in the back. Photo to follow. 


  1. She is a beauty and will be fun to spend some great sewing moments together.

  2. Such a pretty quilt! I love that your new machine came with the cat attachment :)

    1. ha ha, and he was free! Thanks for your kind words about the little Butterfly quilt...

  3. I am going to buy myself a new sewing machine too ... as soon as I find a dealer that sells them with cat accessories!

    1. lol, that particular accessory was at my daughter's house! a big meatloaf of a cat that we raised with a bottle from one day old! His name is Earl. What would life be without our animals? (and a lint brush to get their fur off of our projects.)