Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hotter Than Blue Blazes

   This spring and summer have been hotter than usual. Two days ago it got up to 110º F. Luckily, our home is well insulated and we have a swamp cooler that works swell. With our desert air, the evaporation effect is great. Our garden is thriving. Mr. Thimblepie put in a sprinkler system and we have plenty of water in our well, so let the sun shine!
   My perfect scenario is to garden for a couple of hours early in the day, then come inside and sew when the sun is high. Then take a break and go swimming in the river with the dog. Currently, the garden chores are picking raspberries, picking peas, and picking weeds.
   My goal of June was to quilt this little baby quilt, and I did. I had fun with the free motion quilting.
I also got commissioned to make three chair cover quilts, each 20 inches square. The client's cat only wants to sit on antique velvet, not quilted cotton. Works for me.

Daisies, Yellow-eyed Susans, and Echinacea from my garden.
And one last photo. I am in a fun block exchange that you can look at via the button on the right, Stash Bee. I had some issues with the June block, and wrote about it here.
Innocent looking blocks.

Later that day I got a birthday gift from the group leader, and first I felt guilty, then I decided that it was a compensation from the universe, or some such feel good stuff..... And if feeling good isn't your motto, well, what is your motto?


  1. It gets that hot in summer here too. I just stay indoors until the heat goes away. I think you are brave to do anything in the garden on those days.
    i like the sound of a 'swamp cooler'. It makes me think of Shrek movies. :)

  2. That is a darling baby quilt. Congrats on your finish! I really like your pink and yellow table topper too!