Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Old is New

Just at the last minute, I got my September goal for ALYOF completed. My 40's silk log cabin quilt top, aka "Eleanor Roosevelt," got a border. The quilt colors are a mixture of soft  dusty tones, and a few bright fuschias and mangoes. What to use to bring out the sparkle? Everything-old-is-new-again-grey. I think it works. The quilt really came to life, from blocks that were thrown away.

The border might need to be narrower.  A wild, orange and pink binding would be fun.  The blocks were sewn to flour sack backs, and a few flour sack prints. Just like depression era underwear ! I hate to cover them up. Since I interfaced the border, and the blocks are all backed, maybe I'll use a sheer backing and no batt, I can still hand quilt it but leave the sweet flour sacks visible.

Flour Sack Sweetness.
It is destined to be a wall hanging. So perhaps I can make a sheer or gauze backing work. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode...


  1. I love this, especially your idea of doing a sheer back without a batting so that you can see the original foundations fabrics. It's a fabulous idea!!! I look forward to your "next exciting episode"!

    1. Thanks, Cathy. The sheer backing idea came to me as I wrote. Yay for blogging. I also do 3 morning pages of writing, most days, ala "The Artist's Way." I am grateful for the creative ideas that come from writing, as well as from reading blogs.