Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cool Summer Rain

Last evening we had a big storm. Seems to be one big one each summer, complete with thunder, lightening, rain, wind, and hail. The temperature dropped 28° in an hour, from 99° to 72°. Phew! It was such a big relief after the prestorm energy build up. When the first rain drops fell, Mr. Thimblepie and I stepped out onto the back porch to smell the ozone and watch the storm clouds. Then, Ka-BOOM!! just as Abby the Brave stepped outside. She turned tail and ran inside to hide. Teeth chattering, she was scared for several hours. No damage from the hail, and everything got a good soaking. So pleasant to have windows open with cool breezes coming in the windows all night. Sadly, the storm also ignited lots of wildfires all over the western forests, near and far.

Abby the Brave in front of Owyhee Sunset

My August goal for ALYOF is to finish my modern Karla Alexander quilt, which I showed in my June 30th blog . I hope to enter it in the Boise Basin Quilt Show the end of September, as a member of the Boise Modern Quilt Guild. Happily, the berries are finished in the garden and now tomato season starts. I made calendula ointment (calendula blooms from my garden marinated in mild olive oil for a month, then strained) and can report first hand that it makes an excellent antibacterial wound treatment. Picking huckleberries in the forest last week in shorts was not wise. When will I ever learn?

Here is my garlic harvest, from last month. Lots of braids!


  1. Welcome Jane to my Show and Tell Monday
    Your quilt is quite wonderful and I wish you good luck on Boise Basin Show.
    Thank you wanted to link your fine blog today and I hope we get to follow you / Hug Bambi

    1. Thanks, Bambi. I shared the link on facebook, and marveled at the international world of quilting. Your blog makes me feel like we are kindred spirits. I feel the same way about summer winding down, though it is still very hot here: about 100° F each day, we live in high desert mountains. The morning light looks golden like early autumn. And, I, too have lots of scraps from lots of projects to play with. I don't cut mine into squares, I use them as all different shapes. I love scrap quilts. Hugs to you! Jane

  2. Abby makes a great model in front of your beautiful quilt. I agree it's wonderful to have a relief from the heat, if only for a short time. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Sheila.. Abby wants to stay near me, but when I tell her to sit for a photo you think I'd told her it was time for her whipping. She is a silly dog, and a wonderful companion. The quilt she is showing is made with Kaffe Fassett shot cottons and some dupioni silks. The border is a Kaffe print. Summer is still in force, but harvesting is nature's way of leaning in for the kiss of autumn. Happy Sewing. Jane