Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When I love the fabric, the work flies!

I was super busy planting my vegetable garden the second week of May. All of the indoor plants got hardened off and were getting too big for their britches, so happily into the garden they went. Seeds shared and ordered were lovingly poked into their little beds. This after Mike dug rocks out of the dirt. Last year I dug out rocks, about 6-8 inches down. Tough going first time down. We tried rototilling, but broke the blades twice. Too many rocks. This year, Mike dug every space not filled by perennials or early stuff. He went down 18 inches to 2 ft. He got 64 wheelbarrows of rocks, about 200 lbs per load. Hauled them down to the edge of the driveway. Then we dug in 2 truck loads of aged horse manure from the neighbors, and also stirred in fertilizer and peat moss, and lime in some spots to offset the clay. Phew! Now I have time to sew, in between weeding and watering my big garden.I had 3 Operation Kid Comfort quilts to finish, and was not feeling very motivated, but I got them done. It is part of my paying forward, and felt good to send them off in the mail today. Then I tackled the living room curtains. I had ideas, but an unfinished room... Auditioned several different fabric colors thinking I'd coordinate with the slate tile pattern under the little black wood stove. Or, maybe to go with the corrugated metal wainscoting. Or, the paint chips Mike had picked. Terra cotta. No, no, and no. After tossing stuff around and hauling fabric up and down the ladder to hold it up over the window, I got the Eureka moment! No photo yet, I'll edit it in, but it is a blend of black and white African print, and some wonky Amy Butler edging.. I realized again that when I love the fabric, the work flies.

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  1. My back is sore just reading about your day. Phew.... wish I had that ambition!!! Good for you guys :-)... each year will be easier