Sunday, April 28, 2013

Goodbye April

A Lovely Year of Finishes Phew! I got 'er done. I finished my goal of sewing the blocks for the pickle dish/ horny toad quilt. They still need lots of TLC. I am going to fuse applique the heads, legs, and tails, and add embellishments such as eyes, spines, and beads... but for now they are happily sewn as blocks. It was a pain in the keister today, completing the blocks. I had printed and enlarged the pattern for the arcs 4 years ago, and sewed the arcs at retreat. I still have the QNM articles, and can see the pattern on their website, also. However! No pattern for the outer edges. So I made one and tweaked it to fit. It was not a perfect fit. it is close enough, and when the limbs and quilting are added, they will be great little horny toads. Here are the blocks: What have you worked on that you were glad to finish?

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  1. Oh wow, these are going to be great horny toads! I'm surprised you got so many done with the pattern drafting and everything. I can't wait to see these toads come "alive".