Thursday, June 28, 2012

Too Salmon Riverish

   Discussing a commission with a potential client. She contacted me through my etsy shop and gushed aobut my custom pet quilt. Wants one for her little doggie. Sent lots of photos of the doggie and her California Cliff May house. Said last year 1000 people toured her home and next year my quilt would make me famous!!!  I chose these colors after digging through the back of the locked travel trailer, feeling inspired and pleased,  hauling a big armload into the RV, setting up a table in the under construction house, taking photos, uploading them, sending, sitting in the HOT RV at the appointed time with no phone call, sweating. Finally an email back, these look too Hawaiian. Bah! They look Salmon Riverish to me, but not overly, just right. The big green zinnia turned into a splash by the lavender batik salmon.
   This is another case of clashing tastes. She wants soft, muted, pastoral pastels. ok.
   The photo above will be a quilt for me. I see embellishments, and maybe a driftwood hanging rod.

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