Friday, May 11, 2012

Voila! Inspiration Strikes!

St. Quilta

   Quilt inspiration comes when I least expect it and am busy otherwise. I was typing a quick letter, describing Mike fixing the rototiller twice in one afternoon, (after I repeatedly asked him if we could borrow one for the garden, and he said no there were too many rocks, and sure enough there are) he was cursing a blue streak. Voila! inspiration strikes! As I dig up rocks with a #$%&** pickaxe this morning I will design the quilt in my mind.
   The north half of the garden was fairly easy to dig, compared with the south end which was prehistorically a basalt parking lot, apparently.My bingo wings should be toned up by the end of the garden excavation.

   Meanwhile, Mike has had the bad GI flu the past 6 days, and he has been the most seriously chronic malcontent I ever had the displeasure to live with. Good thing I haven't felt sick, it would be too damn bad. Women can't get sick.

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