Sunday, May 20, 2012

Garden Gate

The garden is planted. After my trip to Chesterfield over Memorial Day Weekend, I'll plant the basil and lettuces. I want to be around to baby the seeds, water them twice a day, and give them pep talks. I am excited about how big my garden is, and how well it is growing.
   The raspberries and strawberries are getting flower buds. The peas are tall enough to need their second string, but not flowering yet. The elephant garlic is 2 1/2 feet tall. All of the feral rhubarb from French Creek is sprouting leaves.
   I finished the flannel lap quilt for Chesterfield. It is soft and cuddly, and very folksy. I am working at not being self-critical. It isn't top of the line as far as blue ribbon technique, but that isn't because of lack of effort. I measured and measured! The border/binding is just not perfect. But that little quilt has character. Old Reliable.


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  2. My cousin, Joe Holbrook, bought the quilt for $500 and put it in our grandma's house in Chesterfield. The house is a historical site and open for tours.