Monday, June 11, 2012

Developing my Style

    I wrote my "About" section for my etsy shop, and had to describe what makes my style unique. These two projects came to mind, both gifts for Ainsley. Her partner, TJ bought her the painting at Art in the Park. I designed the table runner and pillow to coordinate. I used Gwen Marsden's book for inspiration.
   The quilt below was a combination of talents. The trout was painted by my mother-in-law, Melva on the back of a shirt for her first husband, Jay. The waterfall background was rescued scraps from Sue Pilarski, a quilter who only does trip around the world quilts. Diane gave me the wooly bugger dry fly for the trout to jump at. There is a tiny pine tree fairy up in the bough of the tree branch. The border is gunny sack, to represent a creel. This was one of my first machine quilting efforts.

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